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1. Notification of change to NSSO Deadlines and Payment Dates due to Bank Holidays in June and August 2022

2. Building Momentum – New Public Service Agreement 2021-2022 – Application of 1 February 2022 pay increases as provided for under the Sectoral Bargaining provisions (Chapter 2)

3. Fraud Alert updated Nov. 2021

4. Payslip Date on Core Portal

5. FEMPI – Allowance Restoration to Civil and Public Service Pensioners

The processing of increases and the payment of arrears due to allowances following pay restoration is being applied on pension payrolls from September 2017, under the three distinct allowance groups – Fixed Allowances, Averaging Allowances and Variable Allowances.
The Variable allowances consist of the majority of allowance types that are paid on retirement. Increases were applied and arrears paid on the 16 March 2022.
Averaging allowances had increased applied and arrears paid on 26 May 2022.
The application of increases to the Fixed allowances and the payment of arrears have been calculated and will be paid on 9 June 2022.
This completes the application of increases and the payment of arrears in respect of the three allowances types.