1)  Important information for the attention of employees of the following Departments/PSBs 

The National Shared Services Office (NSSO) wish to advise that further to previous notifications the upgrade of the payroll database on which your payroll is processed is now complete as scheduled and the Core Portal is available for accessing payslips and the input and approval of claims.

The NSSO wish to thank you for your support and understanding in the facilitation of the upgrade.

Civil C- Employee Payroll Database

DSP, Defence (Civilian), HLGH, Office of C&AG, Health, CEDIY, OPW

What this means for you:

National Shared Services Office.
12 April 2021

2) Why Core Portal Users are re-directed to this page.

If you have been rerouted to this page while trying to use a link to the Core Portal, that was previously saved by you/or your organisation, this is because the link you are using is no longer valid due to a recent upgrade.

To view your  payslip or input expenses or overtime/allowance claims please select the appropriate option at the top of this page and then the relevant department or retiree group from the list provided.

3) Fraud Alert

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