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Important information for the attention of employees of the following Departments/PSBs 

The National Shared Services Office (NSSO) wish to advise that due to an upgrade of the payroll database on which your payroll is processed, the Corepay system and the Core Portal will be unavailable from 5.00pm on Friday 5 March to 10.00am Monday 15 March (9 days).

Civil A- Employees Payroll Database

AG’s, D/ETE, PAS, DPP, CSSO, Presidents Establishment, Office of the Ombudsman, D/Finance, Revenue, D/ECC, State Exams Commission, D/Education, OGP, D/AFM, DFA, DPER, NCSE, CSO, D/Transport, State Lab, NSSO, C&AG, OGCIO, HIQA, NCCA, Courts Service (Judiciary), Law Reform.

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Pension A-Retirees Payroll Database

Civil and Public Service Retirees and An Garda Síochána Retirees

What this means for me

Resumption of HR and Payroll Call Centres

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