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Voluntary Payroll Deductions

To change your bank account details you will need to access your profile which is located on the down arrow beside your name on the Coreportal, which you will find by going to the PSSC website and clicking on ‘View On Line Payslips’ and choosing your organisation. Once logged in click on the My Profile option and this will bring you into your banking details where your salary is paid into. Click on the magnifying glass to the right of the account type Pay and this will open the section where you can enter the new details.

We would recommend not closing the old account however until a payment is made into the new one.


The last 4 payslip details are prominently displayed on the main employee menu


However if you require details on older payslips, these are available by clicking on the magnifying glass.


If you have moved within a Department (E.G. Peoplepoint to Dept. Public Expenditure and Reform) it can sometimes be necessary to re-register your details on Core Portal. This will usually not be the case if you move sections within a Department but rather if you move to a different aegis under the same Department.

How will I know if this is necessary?

A new token will issue to you from the Expenses section of the PSSC. If a new token doesn’t issue to you then you will not have to re-register. If you are having difficulties accessing your details you can contact the Helpdesk on 076 100 2702.

I have received a new token, what do I do next?

If your email details have not changed in relation to the move and this is the email that you logged into your account on Core Portal previously, you will have to log into the old Core Portal account and change your email if you intend to use the same email on the newly issued account.

To do this log into the old account and under your name select the account security tab:

Once you have selected this choose the update email option. This will allow you to enter a different email account and you will then be able to re-use the current email address with your new account.


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Please note that most information can be found in our guides on our homepage, however if your query is not answered by our guides you can contact us directly.
Most general queries can be dealt with over the phone, however there are certain queries and requests that should be submitted in writing either by email or by post
These include:

  • Queries that will need in depth calculation, for example a query on arrears, over-payment amounts or querying the calculation of any deductions, both statutory and voluntary
  • Queries that may require a screen shot of an error, such as an access issue with the core portal or issues entering expense/overtime claims
  • Requests for Documents that are not available on your core portal
  • Requests for forms to be filled out (Please note Salary certs are filled out by HRSS for departments that fall under their remit)
  • Requests to cease a voluntary deduction

Changing your email address on Core Portal