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Voluntary Payroll Deductions

It is important to note Voluntary Deductions through payroll are the responsibility of the payee so it is advisable to check deduction details regularly on payslips.

Voluntary Deduction at Source -Policy Document

To commence deduction you must first contact the relevant provider who will ask you to complete a mandate/authorisation form. Completing the mandate will require personal information such as your payroll number which can be found on your payslip under Personnel number.
Providers then issue the authorisation file to PSS for implementation of the new deduction. Please check your payslips to ensure the deductions are correct.
Please note that if you change Departments/PSBs you should inform your provider of this so they can send any renewal instructions to the correct payroll area in the PSS.

Voluntary deductions may be cancelled on payee request by contact the relevant Voluntary Deduction Service provider, in line with the Voluntary Deduction at Source – Policy Document (see link above)

If you move Department/PSB you will need to inform your Healthcare provider as instructions to deduct the value of your deduction is sent annually to the PSS.
At the time of transfer between Department/PSB during the year, the deduction details transfer between payrolls in PSS and continue for the remainder of the year. Please ensure to check your payslip regularly to ensure your deductions are in order.
However, if you do not inform your Healthcare provider that you have changed Department/PSB, your details may not be included in the instruction for the annual renewals for your new Department/PSB and deductions will not commence from the first pay day in the New Year. Please contact your Healthcare provider to recommence your deductions.

When changing Healthcare provider you must notify your current provider that you wish to cease deductions due to change of provider.

Some deductions can be recalculated on your return to payroll to ensure agreed sums are met in full before end of period/scheme in place. In the case of Healthcare deductions payees may wish to make direct payments to providers while on unpaid leave, alternatively recalculations can be done on return to payroll. However it is advisable for payees to contact the Service Provider directly to discuss individual deduction options.

As of 2014 NIS changed the process used to deduct savings. Deductions are now made on a continuous basis so there is no longer any period of the year where you get a break from payment. The maximum annual amount which can be saved is €12000 in the 12 month period. If you intend to save the maximum of €12000 please ensure contributions are based on a 12 month period and not 11 months as per old arrangement. If you wish to alter deductions at any time please contact NIS at 01 705 7200